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How to Write a Bio for a Professional Hair Stylist

Write hair salon stylist biographyA good bio is an effective tool in helping to acquire new customers. Here are some guidelines and examples for how to write a  professional hair stylist’s bio.

1. See what’s standard and then go beyond it.

Check out the bios of a few other stylists, preferably those in your own area, maybe even those whose work or salon you know. What are they doing? When you read their bios, what grabs you and what makes you go, “Eh.” Then improve on what’s out there.

2. Write a bio, not a book.

This is not the moment to launch into your version of Zen and the Art of Hair Maintenance. People reading the bio want to know if the stylist can work with children or create a perm that doesn’t make the recipient look like a prize poodle. They’re interested in results, not theories.

3. Establish a warm and friendly tone.

If you’re a Swiss banker, a certain amount of formality in any document is probably a good idea. However, at least half of the appeal of a good stylist is their personality and how well they can relate to a client, make him or her relax, and how well the stylist listens to the customer’s needs to ensure that the final result is what was desired. For that reason, it’s perfectly fine to start a bio with “Hi. My name is ___________________ and I love to cut hair. I can give you a style that will make all your friends say you look fabulous!”

4. Prove it.

No one wants a stylist who just picked up a pair of scissors one day and started practicing on her dolls. Where were you trained and when? What awards or professional recognition have you received? What are your specialties?

There’s no crime in saying that you prefer to do haircuts instead of color. The wrong time for a potential client to discover that you’re no color expert is when she’s in the chair and her hair has turned lilac. On the other hand, if you have special certifications in hair color, facials, make-up, or any other beauty routine, be sure to list them.

5. What products do you use?

In some salons, you may not have any control over that, but in many cases, stylists have favorite products that they use consistently. If you’re one of those, be sure to say so. Customers are often loyal to particular brands, so if a Paul Mitchell girl reads your bio and sees that you only use his products, she’s likely to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment.

6. Are you a special events maven?

In other words, do you love to do weddings, proms, styles for graduation pictures, etc.? Do you really love to work with small children? Many people who normally give their hair cut at the $7.99 Walk-In Shop have no idea where to go when they need something out of the ordinary. If you can offer that, they’ll come to you.

7. Why do you love doing this?

Let’s hope you do, because again, a stylist’s personality is nearly as important as your technical skills. If you simply love making people look their best, then say so. Share why you chose this career instead of X-ray tech. let potential customers know that when they’re in your hands, they’re in the hands of someone who genuinely cares about making the world more beautiful.

8. Be sure to include the basic info.

People want to know where your shop is located, when your shop is open, and if they need an appointment. Some stylists will accept walk-ins for a shampoo or cut but need appointments for perms, coloring, and special occasion groups. Include all that information so unhappy surprises are avoided.

A sample bio might look something like this:
Hi, my name is _____________ and welcome to my shop/salon ______________. Ever since I gave my first Barbie a wedge cut like Dorothy Hamill, I’ve loved to cut hair. In ___________ I graduated from the ________________ School of Beauty and Hairstyling.

In addition to passing all of my final tests with high scores, I also received certification in coloring, facials, and waxing. I specialize in working with long hair, creating updos and styles that can be worn every day.

I recently took courses in make-up design and application, and I love the opportunity to work on clients before their proms or entire wedding parties. I’ll make certain the bride’s lipstick doesn’t clash with the maid of honor’s dress.
I am available for haircuts and shampoo/styles during regular shop hours, ______________ Monday thorough ___________. In addition, perms and hair coloring appointments are usually available a minimum of 48 hours in advance, and with 72 hours’ notice, my assistants and I can handle bridal and special events groups of up to eight individuals.

Our salon proudly uses _________products, which are eco-friendly, not tested on animals, and hypoallergenic. Our fine lines of shampoos, conditioners, mousses, and de-tanglers are also available for purchase__________ . Nail Boutique is located at the rear of our salon, and our customers get a 10 percent discount on all manicures.
Just as every stylist and salon are different, so will every stylist’s bio. The important points to remember are using this information to establish trust, confidence, and desire in potential customers. Once they’ve read your bio and seen your work, you want them to come to you instead of clicking on the next site. Creating a lively, informational, and friendly bio is a great way to get them in your door.


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