Professional Bio for Anna Cuevas – Bank Executive Turned Entrepreneur

bird on polka dotsAnna Cuevas is a former bank executive who now has her own business teaching homeowners how they can modify their own mortgages to save their homes. Her story is a fascinating case study of how someone leveraged a former corporate career into a successful and rewarding business.

Original version of Anna’s bio

Anna Cuevas Ex-Award winning Bank Executive retired from the mortgage industry to teach homeowners how they can modify their own mortgages to save their homes from foreclosure by someone who has been in the trenches –Using her 25 years of experience in mortgage banking and real estate industries, Anna Cuevas understands all the components that go into a loan modification and she knows exactly what to look for when a homeowner is either applying or has been denied for a loan modification. After seeing millions of American homeowners in fear of losing their homes to foreclosure, Anna found that homeowners needed an advocate to help them navigate the loan modification process so she started her wildly popular blog in addition to writing on foreclosure related issues as a guest blogger for the Huffington Post. In an effort to help homeowners nationwide, and after seeing the gravity of the situation, mass confusion and frustration by homeowners, Anna’s passion to help homeowners was fueled by her desire share the power of self-advocacy through her #1 Bestselling author of Save Your Home without losing your mind or your money. Anna was nominated twice for CNN Hero’s by her loyal raving fans.

Revised Version of Anna’s bio

Anna Cuevas is an award-winning ex-bank executive who retired from the mortgage industry to teach homeowners how to save their homes from foreclosure.

After seeing millions of American homeowners in fear of losing their homes, Anna knew she had to help. Using her 25 years of experience in mortgage banking and real estate, she created a low-cost do it yourself system to help homeowners navigate the loan modification process. Her system has become wildly popular and has empowered hundreds of homeowners to confidently submit a loan modification package that gives them the best possible chance of success.

On her blog, Anna shares her insider knowledge about how to cut through the complicated jargon used by big banks to intimidate and harass homeowners. Called the “superhero of the loan modification industry,” Anna advocates for self-empowerment and homeowner respect.

Anna has also written a book that takes homeowners behind the velvet rope and reveals the truth about saving one’s home. Aptly titled “Save Your Home Without Losing Your Mind or Your Money,” Anna’s book has been called “a must-read resource” and has been received with appreciation by frustrated homeowners nationwide.

Anna also writes as a  guest blogger on foreclosure related issues for the Huffington Post, and  was nominated twice for CNN Heros by her grateful fans.

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Suggestions for Anna

I edited Anna’s bio to make it flow better and be easier to scan.  Breaking it up into shorter paragraphs was an easy fix for the scanning issue.

Notice that I removed the capitalization from “Bank Executive.”  Generic job titles should not be capitalized (unless the words are your exact job title). This is an error that I see in many professional biographies.

Speaking of common errors, a mistake that I commonly make is to put my commas and periods outside of the quotation marks. It’s a habit I developed long ago and I find it hard to break. If you catch me doing this on this blog, please leave a comment chastizing me <grin>.

Here’s the low-down from GrammarBook:

Periods and commas always go inside quotation marks, even inside single quotes.

The sign changed from “Walk,” to “Don’t Walk,” to “Walk” again within 30 seconds.

She said, “Hurry up.”

She said, “He said, ‘Hurry up.'”

Anna may want to add a final paragraph that tells a bit about her personally. Although entirely optional, personal information can humanize a bio and make you more relatable.

I notice on Anna’s website that she shares the fact that she is “a parent and cancer survivor.” This is something she could include at the bottom of her bio, so readers know she understands what it is to face adversity and overcome it.

Suggested wording:

As a parent and cancer survivor, Anna understands what it means to face adversity. She also knows that hard times can be overcome with the right support. It gives her great personal satisfaction to know that she is helping people navigate through hard times to a brighter future.